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CapitalTrack Ltd (CT) is an independent, financial data management company based in the UK.

We were established in January 2000 to create a web-based platform for the collection, storage and distribution of operational data within the international Floating Rate, Asset Backed and Structured Securities markets - collectively the financial world's largest and most complex asset classes.
Asset class overview:
  • Vast financial footprint (in excess of US$ 8 trillion)
  • Still growing in terms of volume (125,000+) and product innovation
  • 6000 issuers, 50+ jurisdictions, 30 currencies
  • Monthly cash flow... US$ 475+ billion (redemptions / interest)
  • Administration of this "footprint" is done by 750+ servicing agents globally

Trade Repository

Today, CT maintains the largest independent, on-line Repository of static and event-based operational data in the Floating and Variable Rate space.

Using a combination of web-based infrastructure and role-specific tools, the Repository maintains over 200,000 documents and collects / supplies an average of 34,000 coupon re-sets / corporate actions a month for interest and redemption payments worth in excess of US$ 300 billion.

The Repository provides:
  • Active / validated data collection
  • Industry standardization
  • Full lifecycle data
  • Original legal documents
  • Comprehensive search functionality
  • Fast, web-based delivery.