" 25 years ago it was comparatively easy to acquire a sound knowledge of the general investment field - [but now] the different types of securities have multiplied in number to an almost unlimited extent... "

John Moody... 1910 (!)

The hybrid instrument market started as far back as the 1850s with bonds containing equity based variations. Today, the same industry has exploded into a wide range of instruments that make the above quote still very contemporary!

The main instrument types dealt with by CT are listed below:
Basket Linked Notes Equity Linked Notes Interest Rate Linked Notes
CDOs Event Triggered Notes Mortgage Backed Notes
Commercial Paper Fixed (to Floating) Rate Notes Pass Through Credit Linked Notes
Covered bonds Floating Rate Notes Range Accrual Notes
Credit Card Backed Notes Index / Fx Linked Notes Structured Notes
Credit Linked Notes Limited Recourse Notes Variable Rate Certificates of Deposit